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Tabernacle Reconstruction at Timna Valley, Israel

This life-sized reconstruction of the Tabernacle is based on the description given in Exodus chapters 25 - 28. These photographs were taken when we visited the site in 2006.
Scroll down the page for further information about each image. Click on each image to bring up a full sized picture (some of the images on this page are cropped). You can right click on each image and save using 'save background as'.

Looking at the Tabernacle from outside. Most of the Israelite people were not allowed to enter the Tabernacle and this is the type of view they would have had of the Tabernacle.

​​Looking down on the Tabernacle reconstruction in Timna Valley, Israel.


The Altar of Burnt Offering with its carrying poles and utensils.


The laver or wash basin (right) and the altar of burnt offering (left).


The Table of Shewbread with it's carrying poles.


The Seven branched candle stick with a Priest.


The Altar of Incense with the High Priest standing behind.


The Ark of the Covenant.

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