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Born: 17 November 9 AD
Died: 23 June 79 AD
Reign: 68 AD – 79 AD


Vespasian come to power at the end of the year of the four emperors, ending the civil war and bringing a degree of stability to the empire.
Before becoming emperor, in 66 AD, the military general Vespasian was called upon to quell a Jewish revolt against the Roman authorities in Judea. Two years into his campaign he was proclaimed emperor and returned to Rome, leaving the campaign in the hands of his son Titus.
Vespasian began building the Colosseum in Rome from the plunder taken during the Judean campaign. The building project was completed by his sons Titus and Domitian.
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Bust Made : ca 79 AD

Place:  Unknown, From the Farnese collection


Photographed at the National Archaeological Museum, Naples, Italy.






Bust Made : 68-79 AD

Place: Minturno, Italy


Made from white marble


Photographed at the National Museum of Rome, Rome, Italy




Bust Made : 69 – 79 AD

Place: Ostia, Italy


Photographed at the National Museum of Rome, Rome, Italy