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About Us

In 2002, we felt led to set up the Bibleworld Charitable Trust with the aim of opening a museum here in New Zealand which would inspire people to learn more about the world in which the Biblical events took place. In 2010, we opened the Bibleworld Museum & Discovery Centre in Rotorua, New Zealand, which remained open until August 2022. 


Over the years, we have had the privilege of travelling overseas and visiting a range of museums with artefacts dating to the Biblical era. Although neither of us are professional photographers, we have taken heaps and heaps and heaps of photos of items that interested us.  This has generally been done in a bit of a rush, as we usually only had a few hours or part of a day at each museum. Despite this we have ended up with a massive data base of images and we have decided to share these through this website, in the hope that they can be used to illustrate Bible teaching.


You are welcome to use these photographs for any non-commercial purposes. If you are copying them into a written document, or using them on a website, please acknowledge our site:


Image size - All images are loaded as 640 x 480 pixels. We would have liked to have kept them larger, but unfortunately larger images make for a much slower website. If you would like a few higher resolution images for a specific project, please feel free to contact us to request, using the contact form.


Photographing items in museum can be a very challenging activity. Often items are placed behind reflective glass, museum lights can cause a lot of shadows and items are often placed close together, and then there is the challenge of trying to get photos that don't feature other museum visitors, or our own reflection!  We have taken photographs of signage accompanying artifacts, but often find that this doesn't give us as much information as we would like about an item. We have provided as much information as we can.


We hope you enjoy looking at these photos and hope you will be able to make good use of them.  You can contact us with any feedback or suggestions using the contact form.


Sarah & Ross Nightingale

December 2020


PS. We hope to add in further topics and images as time permits. . .



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